Massey Ferguson
Massey Ferguson

2013 Massey Ferguson 6600 Series Mid-Range MF 6615 Classic, Dyna-4

Model Overview & Specs

Engine ManufacturerAGCO Power
Engine Type4.9 liter 4-cylinder diesel, wastegate turbocharged and intercooled
HorsepowerRated: 135 hp (101 kW); Maximum: 145 hp (108 kW)
PTO HP110 hp (82.0 kW)
Rated RPM2,200 rpm
Wheelbase105 in. (2670 mm)
Height115.5 in. (2933 mm)
Weight12,500 lb. (5,670 kg)
Fuel SystemBosch high pressure common rail, SisuTronic EEM4 control
Fuel Capacity61 gal. (223 L)
Transmission16 x16 Powershift
BrakesIndividually operated right and left; hydraulic wet disc
HydraulicsStandard: Open center, Flow Rate: 15 gpm; Optional Twin Flow: Open center, Flow Rate: 26 gpm (combined); Optional Hi Flow: Closed center, Flow Rate: 29 gpm
Drive Type4WD

Made to fit your farm like a WORK glove.

Massey Ferguson is pleased to announce the introduction of the new 6600 Series line of mid-range tractors to North America. Three models will be available, each offering multiple configurations and options to tailor the machine to the exact needs of the customer and the job at hand. The entire line-up will boast an EPA Tier 4i compliant 4-cylinder engine from AGCO Power, and will range from 130 to 150 engine HP (100 to 125 PTO HP). All machines come standard with 4wd and cab, and customers will have a choice of Dyna-4, Dyna-6, and Dyna-VT transmissions. The MF6600 series will be manufactured at AGCO's facility in Beauvais, France.

4.9L 4-Cylinder Engine from AGCO Power: The MF6600 series tractors will be powered by a newly refined 4-cylinder engine from AGCO Power that meets the stringent new Tier 4i emissions requirements for North America.

Each engine has four valves per cylinder to improve air flow through the engine and enhance fuel/air mixing. A wastegate turbocharger with intercooling provides cool, dense air under constant pressure to improve performance. High pressure common rail fuel injection with SisuTronic electronic engine management offers precise engine control for improved performance and better fuel economy.

The AGCO Power 49 AWI engine is the newest rendition of a proven power plant, featuring AGCO's advanced e3 clean air technology. 2nd generation SCR after treatment technology ensures that the engine generates exceptional power and performance with great fuel economy while meeting the EPA's strict emissions requirements.

Choice of Transmissions: The new MF6600 Series tractors will offer three different transmissions to give the farmer a choice in performance and capabilities.

The Dyna-4 transmission offers 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds. Operation is simple and straight forward, with the ability to shift through all 4 gears and 4 ranges on-the-roll, electronically with the push or pull of a hand lever. The Dyna-6 transmission offers 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds which allow the operator to shift through all 6 gears and 4 ranges electronically without the need to use the clutch pedal. The Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission provides the stepless speed control of a hydrostatic drive with the efficiency and reliability of a mechanical gear drive. Operators have the advantage of infinite speed selection, from super creeper to high speed transport. Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) coordinates the engine and transmission to minimize RPM and optimize fuel economy when possible.

Customer-Focused Packages: Because every customer and every operation is different, Massey Ferguson offers the MF6600 series in three different customer-focused packages to fit the varying needs of the market.

“Classic” Edition: Tractors equipped with the classic package enjoy the essential options needed to get the tough jobs done. Standard features include:
• Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmission
• Standard 4wd front axle
• Flange rear axle
• Cat II/III electro-hydraulic rear 3-point hitch
• Standard 540/1000 RPM PTO
• Large 6-post cab with rubber isolators
• 29 gpm closed center LS hydraulic system
• Mechanical hydraulic valves
• T-handle transmission control in RH console

“Deluxe” Edition: Tractors upgraded to the Deluxe package enjoy a wider variety of features that are included in the base machine. The upgraded features include:
• Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT transmission
• Suspended 4wd front axle with FastSteer
• Short bar rear axle
• Standard and economy 540/1000 RPM PTO
• Mechanical (passive) cab suspension
• Deluxe seat armrest with transmission control
• 2 Electronic finger-tip hydraulic valves in armrest
• Advanced tractor electronics with DataTronics and Auto-Steer capable

“Premium” Edition: For the ultimate in technology, performance, and comfort, the Premium package has all of the bells and whistles, including these premium features:
• Premium seat armrest with Multi-pad control
• 4 Electronic fingertip hydraulic control valves
• Advanced tractor electronics with DataTronics and AUTO-GUIDE installed
• Hydraulic (active) cab suspension
• Auto HVAC and electric mirrors

    Performance & Engine
    • PTO Horsepower: 110 (82.0)
    • Rated engine power HP (kW): 135 (101)
    • Rated engine speed rpm: 2,200 rpm
    • Maximum engine HP: 145 (108)
    • Engine type: AGCO Power 4.9 liter 4-cylinder diesel
    • Aspiration: Wastegate turbocharged and intercooled
    • Fuel injection system: Bosch high pressure common rail, SisuTronic EEM4 control
    • Emissions control system: Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
    Transmission & Rear Axle
    • Transmission type: 16 x16 Powershift
    • Clutch type: Wet multi-disc
    • Brakes: Individually operated right and left; hydraulic wet disc
    • Final drives: Inboard planetary reduction
    • Differential lock: Fully locking front and rear axles; electro-hydraulically engaged
    • Rear axle type: Flange, short bar, and long bar axle
    Front Axle
    • Front axle type: Cast steel 4wd, center driveline, outboard planetary final drives
    • Axle suspension: Optional
    • Differential lock: Fully locking, engagement with rear axle differential lock
    • Brakes: 4-wheel braking via 4wd driveshaft engagement
    • Steering: Hydraulic
    • System type: Standard: Open center; Twin Flow: Open center; Hi Flow: Closed center
    • Pump type: Standard: Twin gear, isolated; Twin Flow: Twin gear, combined; Hi Flow: Variable piston
    • Flow rate at remotes: Standard: 15 gpm; Twin Flow: 26 gpm (combined); Hi Flow: 29 gpm
    • Remote valve type: Standard: Mechanical; Twin Flow, Hi Flow: Electronic and mechanical
    • Number of rear valves: Standard: Up to 3; Twin Flow, Hi Flow: Up to 4
    • Loader provision: Twin Flow: Mechanical joystick; Hi Flow: Electronic joystick
    • 3-point lift capacity lbs. (kg): 11,400 (5,170) at 24"
    Power Take-Off (PTO)
    • PTO type: 540/1,000
    • Cabin structure: 6-post ROPS frame, 2 doors, flat deck
    • HVAC system: Manual control
    • Air ride seat: Manual adjust
    • Cab suspension: None
    Capacities And Dimensions
    • Fuel capacity gal (L): 61 (223)
    • DEF capacity gal (L): 9.2 (35)
    • Alternator capacity: 240 amps (2 x 120 amps)
    • Wheelbase in. (mm): 105 (2,670)
    • Overall length in. (mm): 184.7 (4,690)
    • Height to top of cab in. (mm): 115.5 (2,933)
    • Base weight lbs. (kg): 12,500 (5,670)

    Overall Length, Height, and Base Weight values may vary based on configuration and equipment. All specifications are preliminary, and are subject to change at any time.

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    ManufacturerMassey Ferguson  
    Model6600 Series Mid-Range MF 6615 Classic, Dyna-4  
    Style Utility  
    Engine ManufacturerAGCO Power  
    Engine Type4.9 liter 4-cylinder diesel, wastegate turbocharged and intercooled  
    HorsepowerRated: 135 hp (101 kW); Maximum: 145 hp (108 kW)  
    PTO HP110 hp (82.0 kW)  
    Rated RPM2,200 rpm  
    Bore and Stroke   
    Fuel SystemBosch high pressure common rail, SisuTronic EEM4 control  
    Fuel Capacity61 gal. (223 L)  
    Transmission16 x16 Powershift  
    BrakesIndividually operated right and left; hydraulic wet disc  
    HydraulicsStandard: Open center, Flow Rate: 15 gpm; Optional Twin Flow: Open center, Flow Rate: 26 gpm (combined); Optional Hi Flow: Closed center, Flow Rate: 29 gpm  
    Drive Type4WD  
    Wheelbase105 in. (2670 mm)  
    Height115.5 in. (2933 mm)  
    Weight12,500 lb. (5,670 kg)  
    Ground Clearance   
    Tire Size   

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