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CLAAS of America, Inc.
Quadrant 3300 RC / RF


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Well coordinated harvesting systems from CLAAS.

As a leading equipment manufacturer of forage harvesting machinery, CLAAS provides the ideal harvesting chain for any farm or business size. Our coordinated machines support you in your day-to-day operations and enable you to achieve optimal results when harvesting.

Chamber dimensions from 31.5 x 27.5 in (80 x 70 cm) to 48 x 35.5 in (120 x 90 cm), plus various rotor models with or without chopper units mean that the QUADRANT range is well-equipped for all crop types.

  • Plenty of muscle with six swivel-mounted CLAAS high-performance knotters
  • 47 ram strokes/minute
  • 93 in (2.35 m) pick-up with double-roller crop press and friction clutch
  • A winner: the main gearbox.; The robust gearbox is the trademark for the QUADRANT baler. The main gearbox distributes the power to all the components via drive shafts.; The sturdy components found in the QUADRANT design ensure high efficiency and a long service life, and no chains offer a maintenance-free option.
  • Adjustable packer tine control.; In the QUADRANT 3300, the packer tine principle and adjustable pre-chamber ensure that every crop produces a perfect bale shape with uniform density.; In large windrows, the QUADRANT 3300 produces bales without pre-compression in the pre-chamber. The packer tines perform one raking action and one packing action per piston stroke, with each piston stroke used for compaction.; In all other cases, you can activate the hydraulic – and therefore maintenance-free – packer tine control from the cab by selecting one of three baling pressure options via the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR. The packer tines are then controlled by the adjustable retainer bars. The crop material is collected until the pre-chamber is properly filled and the retainer bars swing out. The crop is then pressed into the chamber in one stroke.
  • Always in view.; A dual-acting hydraulic ram controlled from the cab places even more pressure on the crop via an eccentric cam. ; The large-size pressure-gauge dial informs the driver about bale density at a glance.; An optical warning signal at the front of the machine indicates rotor and packer tine speeds or twine errors.
  • Bale chamber 3 x 4 ft,length 10 ft (120 x 90 cm,length 3.0 m )
  • Cutting - now. - This year, CLAAS introduces the QUADRANT 3300 RC to its range of large square balers. WIth the same popular features of the 3300, such as the 92.5 in (2.35 m) pickup, PFS standard, reinfoced pickup wheels and bearings, plus sophisticated bale chamber design, the QUADRANT 3300 RC offers the total package.
  • Electronic monitoring of packer tines
  • Excellent operator features. ; A host of additional features are available for the QUADRANT:; Moisture sensor to indicate the material moisture content for configuring the right baling pressure.; Bale drop sensor (standard on all models except 2200 RC).; Bale ramp position sensor.; QUADRANT 2200 ADVANTAGE: The turbo guard prevents the crop from slipping back into the baling chamber when operating in short crops and ensures an ideal bale shape even in small or irregular swaths.
  • Hydraulically controlled and connectable prechamber, configurable from the cab
  • Interactive rotor and feed rake protection
  • Maintenance made simple
  • Mechanical knife selection. ; The Quadrant 3300 RC has heavy duty knife frame construction and allows for a wide range of settings. When in the cab, the operator can set the baler to use 0, 6, 12, 13, or 25 knives through the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR.
  • Our efficiency: second to none.; The design ensures outstanding efficiency by transmitting all power along short, straight lines and by using a very large flywheel – that means low energy consumption per ton of crop.
  • Outstanding knotter cleaning. ; The TURBO FAN system cleans the knotter with a powerful and constant 87 mph (140 km/h) airflow. ; You'll never have to dismount again to adjust the baler: the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR with its large, clearly laid-out display and ISOBUS technology simplifies interaction with your QUADRANT. ; There are 20 job memories available to you for professional work data collection. They record the bale count, the total length, the percentage of chopped bales and the average bale length for each customer. You then have all the information you need for accurate invoicing. ; You're always kept in the picture regarding your machine's operational status. What's more, you can change the most important configuration parameters quickly and easily. A touch of the finger is all it takes, and you have access to five menus, which enable you to:; Determine pre-chamber compaction (QUADRANT 3300), baling pressure and bale length.; Control the knife group selection.; Open and close the chopping housing.; Activate or deactivate the pre-chamber control (3300).
  • Outstanding rotor technology. - ; The high speed ensures enormous throughput and high acreages. Thanks to even intake and active delivery to the pre-chamber, the QUADRANT 3300 produces sharp-edged, evenly-compacted bales. ; The large rotor diameter of 19.75 in (500 mm), and the spiral-shaped arrangement of the four-arm rotor blades crucially protect the crop. ; Low demands on feeder.; Low power requirement.; Low dust accumulation.; Suitability for delicate forage types such as alfalfa.; High standard of crop protection and thus excellent forage quality, thanks to innovative arrangement of rotor blades.
  • Performance peak.; Push your QUADRANT 3300 to the limit. The feed rake and rotor are protected via a clutch, which automatically disengages the rotor at pressures greater than 200 bar. Furthermore, information regarding the feed rake load is communicated to you via the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR, enabling you to prevent potential overloads ahead of time.; Regardless of the windrow and crop conditions you come across, you can bring everything under control with the adjustable, hydraulically actuated pre-chamber.
  • Professional design for professional use.; The 3300 RC is also equipped with a one-piece knife drawer, allowing quick and easy access for maintenance. The knives are well protected against dirt in the one-piece knife drawer. Through the automatic function, the blades are switched on and swung out to remove contaminants from the knife slots in the cutting floor. The drawer itself is mounted on four eccentric bearings and eight bearings for easier access to change and sharpen knives. ; The knife bed can also be raised or lowered by pushing the button directly on the outside of the machine.
  • QUADRANT 3300 HIGH-SPEED BINDING ; The QUADRANT 3300 uses an eccentric drive in the binding process to guarantee high throughput. The newly designed knotters with twine pusher and baseplate ensure outstanding tying in all operating conditions, regardless of the bale density.; The accelerated up and down needle movement reduces tying time by 25 percent. The six knotters swing against the needles simultaneously, easing tension on the twine. Active needle retraction ensures high reliability in the tying cycle, reducing potential collision of needle and piston.; The result? Tight, well-placed knots with maximum bale density and throughput. With no unwanted twine end waste like other knotting systems, the bales produced by the QUADRANT 3300 are great for feeding or energy generation.; The knotters are driven directly from the main gearbox, ensuring constant synchronization between the pistons and needles, and maintenance outlay is kept extremely low.
  • QUADRANT 3300 with 48 x 35.5 in (120 x 90 cm) bales. ; CLAAS complements its product range with the QUADRANT 3300 and the QUADRANT 3300 RC.; The QUADRANT 3300 features an hydraulically adjustable pre-chamber for producing highly compact, shape-holding bales in all conditions; the ideal set-up for perfect hay and silage baling. The rock-hard bales of the QUADRANT 3300 set standards in bale shape and straw quality in the 48 x 35.5 in (120 x 90 cm) range.
  • Quadrant 3300: It couldn't be more convenient.; Information about the feed rake load is sent to the driver via the task menu of the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR. The rotor and feed rake are protected via a clutch, which immediately and automatically stops the rotor in the event of loads above 200 bar. This prevents potential overload and allows the driver to push the baler to the limit without the risk of bringing the baler to a standstill through blockage.; You also have the option of programming nine individual advance settings (name, bale length, pre-chamber configuration, pressure) retrievable at the push of a button.
  • QUADRANT technology without compromise in the 3 x 4 class. ; CLAAS completes the QUADRANT range with the 3300 – a machine in high acclaim for its reliability and throughput. ; Immense intake capacity from the word go.; With its 92.5 in (2.35 m) working width and perfect ground-contour following, the pick-up easily handles even the very largest windrows. ; The QUADRANT 3300 is also equipped with the CLAAS patented and pre-fitted double-roller crop press, which compresses the crop perfectly, accelerates the crop flow and transfers it actively to the rotor.
  • Rotor shape for high throughput with equally high material protection
  • Save time with a self-lubricating machine. ; In principle, we could skip the topic of maintenance because it simply isn't an issue for QUADRANT owners. The long life and reliability of our balers is legendary. ; In the QUADRANT 3300, everything is designed either to be easy to maintain or require no maintenance at all.; All important lubrication points have continuous central grease lubrication.; Drives and overload clutches operate in an oil bath.; The hydraulically controlled packer tines are entirely maintenance-free.; The drive has only a minimal number of moving parts
  • Setting the bale length. ; The bale length can be configured from the comfort of the driver's seat via the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR. The star wheel is situated at the lower end of the bale chamber and is used for monitoring the bale length.
  • Spiral rotor. ; The Quadrant 3300 RC comes with a spiral rotor with 25 knives. The 52 star rotor configuration efficiently feeds the crop through to the bale chamber.
  • Straight-line drive with outstanding efficiency
  • The QUADRANT 2200 RC ADVANTAGE is supplied with hydraulic oil via the oil pump at the gearbox input. Functions such as enlarging the chopping housing and activating the roll chute or the parking jack are all hydraulically actuated via the tractor valve.
  • The right machine for every application. - ; The QUADRANT stands out for its ability to make rock- hard and securely tied bales, while being easy to equip and offering great value for the money. It can be customized to manage even the largest crop quantities. Whether the cost-effective entry model or heavy-duty baler equipped with convenience features – the choice is yours. Tailor the QUADRANT to your exact requirements using a range of modular add-ons. ; Bale ejection. ; A hydraulically folding roller bale chute with ejector (standard) guides the square bales safely to the ground. Pick-up. - ; Two different pick-up versions neatly collect the crop – regardless of whether it's short hay, wet silage or straw: ; Pick-up with double-roller crop press. (3300 RF); Pick-up with double-roller crop press and POWER FEEDING SYSTEM. (3300 RC, 2200, 2100) ; Crop feed. - ; ROTO FEED ; ROTO CUT ; A totally reliable big baler. - ; The spring steel tines on the 83 in (2.1 m) wide QUADRANT 2200 and 2100 pick-up and the 92.5 in (2.35 m) wide QUADRANT 3300 are arranged so closely that they will always leave the fields neatly raked.
  • TURBO FAN knotter cleaning
  • Two different axles: Single axle 710/45 26.5 Fixed tandem axle 500/55 20.0
  • Unique crop flow concept. ; This sophisticated combination of permanent crop transfer at the rotor and adjustable pre-chamber is decisive in making perfectly formed bales with maximum throughput. The result is intelligent filling of the baling chamber in all conditions and for every crop type, from straw and hay to silage.
  • Unique crop flow concept. ; This sophisticated combination of permanent crop transfer at the rotor and adjustable pre-chamber is decisive in making perfectly formed bales with maximum throughput. The result is intelligent filling of the baling chamber in all conditions and for every crop type, from straw and hay to silage.
  • Wide is good. ; Various axles are available for the QUADRANT with a selection of large tires for minimal ground pressure, optimal turf protection and excellent smooth running. Both variants provide a massive footprint to minimize damaging ground pressure, even on very light or wet soil. ; Single axle with 710-mm tires, 22.5 inches as standard.
  • Axle: Single axle - 710/40 R 22.5
  • Bale Chamber: Length - 120 (3.0) in (m) ; Width - 48 (1.2) in (m) ; Height - 35.5 (0.9) in (m) ; Bale length - 20 to 118 (0.5 to 3.0) in (m)
  • Bale: Ram strokes - 47 rpm ; Max. baling pressure - 200 bar
  • Height: 132 - 135 (3.36–3.42) in (m)
  • Weight: 23,950 (10,860) lb (kg)
  • Width: 109 - 117 (2.76–2.98) in (m)
  • Width: 92.5 (2.35) in (m) ; 85 (2.15) in (m)
General Information
  • Feeding System: Switchable pre-chamber (adjustable) - Deactivated, small swath, large swath
  • Number of knives: – / 25 (0, 6, 13, 25)
  • Number of: tine bars - 4
  • Rotor: Roto Feed / Roto Cut
  • Standard: Hydraulic jack, Ground tracking via two oscillating pick-up castor guide wheels, Two-phase packer tines, Bale ejector, Bale deposit sensor, CLAAS Communicator, Turbo Fan Knotter cleaning
  • Hydraulic Type: 2 single-acting and 1 open return line
Power Take-off (pto)
  • PTO Speed: 1000 rpm



109 - 117 (2.76–2.98) in (m)
132 - 135 (3.36–3.42) in (m)
23,950 (10,860) lb (kg)